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Religious ignorance shines through at National Prayer Breakfast


In case you missed it (because it’s definitely not being reported by many local news outlets), at yesterday’s National Prayer Breakfast President Obama took the opportunity to lecture attendees that Muslim extremists are not the first to commit atrocities in the name of religion.

Here is the quote. I’ve paraphrased his words with brackets to clarify his remarks for you, my valued reader…

Not a culture hater! Explaining the name and intent of ‘Counter Culture’


For a while now I’ve felt like the name ‘Counter Culture’ does not result in the best first impression with some visitors to this blog, and can be misleading in regards to the message I attempt to convey here. Because the word ‘counter’ typically means ‘against’, someone first coming here might immediately think I’m against everything about culture. Then — because I write from a Christian-perspective — people may automatically assume I promote a view that Christianity is totally against culture.

Fostering such division is not my intent, and more importantly — I don’t HATE culture!

Christmas Eve services around Bangor to celebrate the ‘Reason for the Season’


While the holiday season is hectic, by the time Christmas Eve rolls around our focus should be one of peace and joy. Let me encourage you to get all of your Christmas shopping done now, so you and your family can visit one of our local churches on Christmas Eve to pause, reflect, and join others in praising the true reason for the season — the awesome truth that God sent Jesus Christ to earth to be with us.

My list wont be exhaustive, as I’ll only promote various Christmas Eve services around Bangor that are on my radar. Some are contemporary, others more traditional, but all are about Christ.

Bangor store stands firm after getting complaints for Jesus-themed windows


This story passed through my social media feed the other day and I couldn’t resist giving it a virtual ‘shout out’.

Discount Mattress and Furniture in the Airport Mall in Bangor currently has their windows decorated with a nativity, and the words ‘Jesus is the Reason for the Season.’ Nothing wrong with that, right? Jesus is the reason for this season after all.

4 ways to avoid being a ‘Gospel infomercial’


All too often sharing our faith as Christians — if we even do it all — becomes a script that we recite. We do our best to remember to list all the features of what Jesus did on The Cross, before attempting to close the deal of eternal life for just one easy payment of ‘accept Jesus into your heart’.

We reduce evangelism to a ‘Gospel infomercial’.

CT: Left Behind movie mildly entertaining, but not very ‘Christian’


According to Christianity Today — a publication that is typically supportive of movies that explore Christian themes (think ‘God’s Not Dead’ or ‘Heaven is For Real’) — the new Left Behind movie starring Nicholas Cage leaves a lot behind.

It seems if you are looking for a Sci-Fi Action flick with some run-of-the-mill disaster scenes, then this movie is for you. But if you want to explore one of the possible End Times scenarios from a Biblical perspective in any depth, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

6,000 lives impacted by 2014 ‘Day of Hope’ in Bangor

Pastor Bobby Bledsoe (red shirt) interacts with the crowd

The local organizers of Bangor’s first ever ‘Day of Hope’ were pleasantly surprised at the turnout this past Saturday on the Bangor Waterfront. It’s safe to say most volunteers were not expecting so many ‘guests of honor’ to be lined up outside the event’s entrance by 9 AM. But the rain held off, and by day’s end everyone involved was simply thankful to have played a small part in the event’s success.