About ‘Counter Culture’ Blog

What do I mean by ‘Counter Culture’?


First and foremost, ‘counter culture’ does not mean I’m against everything to do with culture. Far from it. The definition of ‘counter’ I use here is simply one of offering up a different perspective, counter-to other views in culture.

I’ll humbly attempt to offer a counter-point-of-view to how current events are being reported by other outlets, or to what pop culture may be trying to define as ‘normal’ in our everyday lives.

And while the views expressed on this blog are from a Christian worldview, I’m not trying to insinuate being Christian means being against culture. More accurately, this blog attempts to redeem various aspects of our culture — all for God’s glory.

See this post for more on this blog’s intent.

About the Author

Aaron Prill lives in Bangor with his family, where he attends and serves at his local church. He grew up without ‘organized religion’, but came to the Christian faith in his late 20’s. For more on his testimony, check out this post.

Aaron works as a developer and analyst for a national software company, is an independent web consultant, enjoys raising his two young boys, spending time with his wife, and playing golf as time permits (which isn’t often).

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