Jesus didn’t have a Christmas Tree or a “Holiday” Tree

There recently has been an uproar over the City of Bangor calling the Christmas Tree a “Holiday” tree in downtown’s West Market Square- even though they made this change 15 years ago. I find it disingenuous for city officials to have made this change in the name of political correctness- especially because no other faith-based holidays use a tree as a major symbol. However, what I consider even more disingenuous is people getting all worked up about this being an example of “taking Christ out of Christmas” when a majority of these same people only want to talk about Jesus Christ this time of year, and only in this context.

What’s most unfortunate is the large percentage of the American population that have taken Christ out of their lives year around. Then when the Christmas season comes they become the flag-bearers for keeping His name stamped on pagan traditions and in the stores that promote the greed and materialism our Savior was so dead-set against.

To borrow a status update from one of my friends on Facebook:

Christmas is such a contradiction. It is the day (not historically accurate) we chose to recognize the most important birth to ever take place – God himself, coming to earth in the form of a man, the earthly embodiment of pure love. Yet, right on cue, “Christians” will get caught up in the annual feud of calling it “Christmas” vs “Holiday.” We are a funny people, are we not? Any way, this Christian would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus with Christmas, let us not forget he walked this earth proclaiming the life changing power of redemption through belief in him- all without a tree- until he was slain on one. His resurrection then changed the shape of history, the present, and what is yet to come. The more people that can live and proclaim that truth year around, rather than fighting petty battles one month every year, the better off we will all be.