Voting Pro-Life in Tuesday’s Primary Election

I don’t often get political on ‘Counter Culture’, but when I do it’s typically to speak up for the unborn. In fact, there’s probably not a stance more counter to today’s culture than to defend life in the public square.

The most prominent race in Tuesday’s primary election is in the bid to fill Mike Michaud’s Congressional seat that he’s vacating in his run for Governor. As a point of information, there’s one Pro-Life candidate on the Republican side — Bruce Poliquin.

Interestingly, Troy Jackson on the Democrat side also describes himself as ‘broadly pro-life‘. His voting record on life is much stronger than we typically get from a democrat, and even more so than Poliqiun’s pro-abortion opponent, Kevin Raye.

Kudos to Jackson for taking such a stand in a typically pro-abortion party, but that stance hasn’t been without flack. EMILY’s List, a pro-abortion “rights” group, has waged a “six-figure” ad campaign on behalf of his opponent Emily Cain. (By the way, it is simply an ironic coincidence that this organization shares its name with the candidate.)

In fairness to Raye he is on record as against so-called “late-term abortions”, and said in this 2012 questionnaire that he would vote to ban all “post-viability abortions” except those necessary to save the mother’s life or prevent “serious harm” to her health. Fair enough, but who decides when a baby is “viable”?


Where’s the Choice?

What’s telling is no pro-abortion candidate ever says, “vacuuming live babies out of a woman’s uterus is a great and wonderful medical advancement, and we should encourage more women to sign up for this procedure”

No, usually we get the line, “well, I’m personally pro-life but I don’t want to take that ‘right’ away from people that may want to have it.”

Another line you get from the pro-abortion candidate is the proclamation that everyone agrees that abortion should be more rare. However, their only suggestion to the problem is more sex education and birth control.

Propose that we allow parents to be notified when their teen child is seeking an abortion and they fight tooth-and-nail to defeat such a proposal.

Suggest that more educational materials be provided to someone considering an abortion to instruct them on the harmful effects of this life altering procedure, both physically and mentally, and again the pro-abortion candidate votes ‘No’.

Oh, and don’t even mention ultrasounds. God forbid we actually show the patient the wonderful miracle of life they are considering ending. Personally, I don’t know how anyone remains for abortion after they have seen an ultrasound and experienced the subsequent birth of a child.

I’ve intentionally used the term “pro-abortion” throughout this post, because there is absolutely nothing “pro-choice” about the non-life side. The only choice they accept is making abortion easy to obtain, and with the least amount of barriers.

Protecting Women?

Finally, abortion is often framed as a “women’s rights” issue. But what’s ignored in that claim is that approximately 50% of the victims of abortion are unborn baby girls — women that would otherwise have a future.

Furthermore, the mental and physical scars left after a woman goes through an abortion are never discussed. No matter how you look at it, abortion doesn’t protect women — it harms them.


So, if supporting pro-life candidates is important to you and you are a registered Republican, then a vote for Bruce Poliquin Tuesday, June 10th is most in line with your views. If you are a Democrat, then a vote for Troy Jackson is also a vote to advance life.

Stand for ‘birth equality’, vote Pro-Life!

This blog post is not meant to be a political advertisement, and not authorized or paid for by any political candidate.